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What's the Difference between replication and duplication?

We often get asked what the difference is between the different DVD copying processes. If you are unfamiliarly with the industry the terms duplication and replication can at first seem daunting but that is why we are here, to offer you expert advice and guide you through the process. DVD duplication is the process of burning pre-made DVD-R, much like you would burn DVDs at home. DVD burning is ideal for short run DVD copying or fast turn around DVD copying.

DVD replication is also known as pressing from a Glass Master. Rather than use pre-made DVD-R and burning a discs is made from raw plastic and the information is moulded (pressed) into the disc using a mould. The process is a bit more complicated than this but that's for us to worry about. DVD pressing requires complex and time consuming set up so but is very quick once running, it is therefore ideal for large volume DVD copying but not the best for express delivery.
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