Blu-ray  duplication / Blu-ray replication

Blu-ray replicationDiscus Group can duplicate and replicate BD25 Blu-ray disc, we can also replicate BD50 for those jobs which require larger capacities. Blu-ray is a high capacity format suitable for HD video. Replicated Blu-ray discs can be litho or screen printed. Duplicated discs can be litho, screen, inkjet or thermal printed.

Blu-ray readers use a blue laser (which is where the name comes from). The blue laser has a shorter wavelength than the laser used to read a CD or DVD. The shorter wavelength means that the laser beam is finer and so can read a smaller area more accurately. This allows more information to be stored on the blu-ray discs even though they are the same physical size as a CD or DVD. It also means means though that Blu-ray discs can not be read by a CD/DVD drive however, a Blu-ray drive can read a CD or DVD.

Formats Explained:
BD25 – Single layer – Capacity 25GB
BD50 – Dual layer – Capacity 50GB

Blu-ray services
BD25 / BD50 Blu-ray replication – screen / litho printing
BD25 / BD50 blu-ray duplication – inkjet / thermal / screen
BDR-25/ BDR-50 recordable Blu-ray printing – inkjet / thermal / screen

Note: Blu-ray discs are not compatible with standard DVD players as a different colour laser is used to read the disc.