DVD Duplication

DVD duplication is the process of burning pre-made DVD-R much like you would do at home. As DVD-R are used in the duplication process the DVDs have a coloured data surface (usually purple). This colour is due to the dye layer which is used to record the data / video on to the DVD.

Not all DVD-R are the same. Cheaper discs may have a thinner dye layer, reflective surface or may be physically thinner. This is done to reduce the manufacturing cost but it also reduces the readability and durability of the discs. At Discus Group we only use high quality discs to ensure you get perfect product every time.

 Dual Layer DVD+RW

Although we can duplicate dual layer DVD it’s worth noting that DVD+DL are not compatible with all DVD Video players. It’s important to know that a DVD+DL is not the same format as a dual layer DVD9 video.