CD duplication from Discus Group How are CDs duplicated?

The CD duplication process is ideal for short volumes or when you need CDs quick. The content is burnt to blank CD-R much like you would do at home using a CD-recorder in your computer. We use the latest CD duplication towers and robotic CD duplicators though which can burn multiple CDs at the same time allowing for very fast delivery.

As the process does not require master and stampers to be produced prior to duplication the set up is minimal which makes the process idea for fast turnaround projects or smaller orders.

We only use high quality CD-R ensuring you get quality discs every time.

There is no difference in the quality of the data or audio between a replicated and duplicated CD. Both produce identical copies of the master you supply.

CDs store the content using a series of pits and lands, a pit is a tiny impression in the surface of the disc, a land is the surface of the discs which does not have an impression. A laser in a CD player can detect this tiny impression and convert it to data. The CD duplication process produces the pits by burning them into a dye layer on the surface of the CD-R. It’s this dye layer which gives many CD-R a green tint and DVD-R a purple tint.