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CD Manufacturing QuoteLooking for a CD Manufacturer that offers CD duplication and CD replication for copying CD’s and offers 5 different options for CD printing your CD’s. Looking for that special packaging for your project, choose from over 1200 different options we offer. This means Discus Group can cater for all your needs and with our I Need Speed service can meet any lead time and our Cheapest CD duplication can meet any budget.

CD Duplication

CD, DVD and Blu-ray duplication
CD Duplication is ideal for fast short lead times and small volumes.

Duplicated CD’s are copied by burning them similar to how you would at home. However we have machines which will do many copies at once allowing us complete projects quickly when you need discs in a rush.

People often think the quality of  CD duplication as inferior to CD replication but this is not the case. The quality of the audio or data on both duplicated and replicated CD’s is identical as it is a digital 1 or 0.

Minimum order quantity: 1 (depending on print style)

Available print options: Inkjet, colour thermal, black only Prism, Screen and Litho print.

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CD Replication

CD, DVD and Blu-ray Replication
CD Replication is economical on larger quantities but with a longer lead time than CD duplication.

CD replication is also referred to as Glass Mastering or CD pressing. This is due to the steps in the production process. There is a great deal of set up involved but once that’s complete the discs are produced very quickly.

Its for this reason that CD replication has a longer lead time, has a minimum quantity but is very cost effective on larger orders.

Minimum Economic quantity: 500 (lower quantities are available)

Available print options: Screen and Litho print.

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CD Printing

CD, DVD, Blu-ray printing
We can offer bespoke CD printing on CD’s and supply them blank so you can copy them as and when required.

This is a great way to market your company if you use branded CD’s on a regular basis, why not have your logo and contact details printed on them instead.

Minimum order quantity: 1 (depending on print style)

Available print options: Inkjet, colour thermal, black only Prism, Screen and Litho print.

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CD DVD Printing optionsOffset Litho Printing

Inkjet, colour Thermal, black only Prism, Silk Screen and Offset Litho print all have their advantages. For more information and to find out which print method is best for your project CD DVD Printing….

Why Discus Group for CD Manufacturing

Discus Group are one of the UK’s leading independent companies in CD manufacturing, replicating thousands of CDs per day. We offer standard and fast turnarounds, a flexible approach to your project and cheap CD prices. Our CD manufacturing is perfect for producing large runs of CDs in a cost effective way.

At the heart of Discus Group is the customer service ethos. Every order no matter how large is small is treated equally. Our flexible approach bespoke in house production systems enable us to tailor our services to our clients individual requirements. For a quick online CD manufacturing quote click the quote button on the right.

Is CD Replication better than CD Duplication?

CD duplicationWith cheap CD duplication, people can produce very short run promo CD copies instead of manufacturing bulk CD pressing, however in there has been a move to sell duplicated CDs as a commercial product.

There is a need for cheap CD duplication services; if you need a very fast turnaround or a very limited run this is the best option. If time and budget allows professional CD replication offers the most professional solution, when you are selling or promoting your product. The high quality, consistency and a professional image of your product says everything, and cheap CD duplication cannot compare to professionally pressed CD. However if your CD Duplication company adheres to the same standards when duplicating as replicating and operates a quality system using best quality raw materials then your CD duplication should be as good as CD Replication. Advances in CD manufacturing mean whichever route you choose your product will be produced to the highest quality and will last long into the future.

CD manufacturing Timeaudio CDs

Unlike CD duplication, CD manufacturing takes a little longer. CD Duplication can be completed same day, our CD Replication typically takes 8 to 10 days. Our fast CD Replication service takes a minimum of 4 days depending on packaging.  Your CD master will be inspected thoroughly for compliance to Philips CD Standards, then glass mastered. The glass master is electroplated to create the stamper. In parralel the artwork is checked and sent to print, once printed the packaging is allowed to dry before die cutting and guiltining and folded and glued in the case of card packaging.

Whilst your print is being made production will mount the stamper and CD Press for the CD replication, this way we can time the job to come off CD press and go to the CD printing line for when CD packaging will be ready. The CD’s can now go to the packing department to be packed with the CD printed parts and over-wrapped. The finished CD product is now packed into cartons ready for dispatch.

As you can see it is not as straightforward as popping a disc in a CD duplicator and pressing a button, this is why we normally require approximately 8 – 10 working days depending on the type of packing and quantity to deliver you a professional CD pressing


Popular packaging options

Albums Jewel Cases

Standard Jewel (with black tray) -9mm spine. CD album case

Singles Slim Jewel cases / Maxi Single Cases

Slim Jewel case 5.2mm spine

Promo Card Wallets / PVC Wallets

CD Card WalletPoly Wallet with Flap

Looking for something different? Try Lancing Packs / Digipaks

CD 4pp Digipak. Custom printed card CD cases. CD Lancing pack. Card Wallet with flap. ROM Wallet

Visit our packaging page for more ideas or take a look at the artwork template page to download artwork templates