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Online DVD Duplication PricingYour DVD project is your most important work and is the result of hours of your hard work and your creative expression so dont cut corners when producing thousands of copies of your DVD, let us help you showcase your work at its best.

Discus Group are one of the UK’s leading independent companies in DVD duplication, manufacturing thousands of DVDs per day. We offer standard and fast turnarounds, a flexible approach to your project and cheap DVD prices. DVD duplication is the ideal process for producing small runs of DVDs fast in a cost effective way.

At the heart of Discus Group is the customer service ethos. Every order no matter how large is small is treated equally. Our flexible approach bespoke in house production systems enable us to tailor our services to our clients individual requirements. For a quick online DVD Duplication quote click the quote button on the right.

Need DVDs copied quickly?

Fast DVD Duplication – Guaranteed turnaround time 24 hours

Fast DVD DuplicationAs DVD duplication does not require a glass master and stampers to be produced prior to duplication the set up is minimal which makes the process idea for fast turnaround projects or smaller orders. Need your DVD’s fast with our I Need Speed Service we can deliver your DVD duplication projects in 1 or 2 days depending on the quantity and packaging.

We are a leading DVD manufacturer in the UK, our reputation is maintained by our policy of quality products and customer care.

Our duplication department uses the latest state of the art robotic duplicators and printers, highest quality branded A grade DVD-r discs. This together with our automated bespoke built systems, over 20 years expertise and ISO9001 procedures ensures we manufacture consistent professional quality DVDs of the highest standard within the industry.

All this ensures you get quality DVD discs every time.

What is DVD Duplication?

CD duplication from Discus GroupDVD duplication is the process of burning pre-made DVD-R much like you would do at home. As DVD-R are used in the duplication process the DVDs have a coloured data surface (usually purple). This colour is due to the dye layer which is used to record the data / video on to the DVD.

Not all DVD-R are the same. Cheaper discs may have a thinner dye layer, reflective surface or may be physically thinner. This is done to reduce the manufacturing cost but it also reduces the readability and durability of the discs. At Discus Group we only use high quality discs to ensure you get perfect product every time. It is just as important to use a good quality DVD-R when producing your master.

Is cheap DVD duplication good value?

No, often cheap DVD duplication is not the best value.  We often have DVD duplication customers come to us having just had their DVDs produced by the cheapest DVD company they could find and are then disappointed by the end result. It’s not always down the thickness of the paper of the print type either so just comparing the specifications on the quote isn’t the issue. At Discus Group we go to great lengths to make sure we produce the best quality product for you the first time, so while we may not always be the absolute cheapest DVD duplication company you can find, we would like to think we offer the best value.

CD Card Wallet

CD Card Wallet

A few examples of issues we come across regularly with cheap DVD coping companies are…

  • Poorly cut and folded inserts or wallets.
  • Poor print from using low resolution artwork.
  • Barcodes which won’t scan due to being too small or poorly printed

At Discus Group we never print artwork without first checking it. We go through a comprehensive list to check to make sure you receive a high quality finish. Before using any artwork which doesn’t pass our checks we always advise our clients and suggest ways to improve them. This may seem picky but it’s something that can make a massive difference to the end result. It is worth spending a little longer getting things right at the start than having to remake a project.

Using our years of experience (actually it decades but who wants to feel old!)  We can help advise you on things to consider to make the most of your project rather than just producing what we are given. Are the DVDs for radio play? Then have you got ISRC codes on the discs to help track royalty payments?  Have you considered a folded insert in your jewel case rather than a single sheet printed both sides? This will help it from falling out of the case each time it’s opened.

When considering which company to trust to produce your DVD Project don’t just look for the cheapest and don’t even just compare the weight of the card or print type to judge quality, look at what that company will do to make sure your project is the best it can be first time. Then you can make sure you get the best value DVD duplication.

What’s the difference between DVD-R and DVD+R?

DVD video LogoPhysically DVD-R and DVD+R look the same. There are technical differences in how the discs store and read the content on the discs and the 2 are not always compatible so if you have a DVD+R player you will need and DVD+R disc. The DVD-R format was designed by  Pioneer in 1997, it is supported by most DVD players and is approved by the DVD Forum. DVD+R was developed by Philips and Sony with the DVD+RW Alliance.

DVD-R is more widely compatible and so at Discus Group we use this format for your DVD duplication project as it is the industry standard unless you specify you need a different format.

 Dual Layer DVD+DL

Although we can duplicate dual layer DVD it’s worth noting that DVD+DL are not compatible with all DVD Video players. Its also worth noting that DVD+DL are more expensive compared to DVD-R  so it may be worth considering using 2 single layer DVD-R rather than a dual layer DVD+DL. It’s important to know that a DVD+DL is not the same format as a dual layer DVD9 video.

Duplicating large volumes of CD yourself?

If you produce a large amount of duplicated discs in a regular basis they it could be more cost effective to buy a CD duplicator and do it yourself. We supply CD and DVD duplicators and printers to a number of disc copies. Take a look at www.opti-pack.co.uk for more details on s wide range of Disc Publishers and CD / DVD copy towers.