Branded USB flash memory sticks

Branded USBs are the perfect way to promote your business. We can not only custom brand USB sticks for you we can load the content and add copy protection if required. With a wide variety of colours and designs to choose from there we have the perfect USB stick for you, and if not we can custom make a design just for you. We also offer a range of packaging like these fantastic Credit Card USB digipaks…

To find out more information on USB’s and see some of the styles available please visit our This site is part of discus group and is dedicated to USBs. - Promotional USB suppliers

USBs come in a large range of styles and capacities making them ideal for projects which require more space then a DVD can offer. They are also great promotional items as you can protect your content but allow the end use to use any unused space as you would with a normal USB stick. also offers a wide range of power banks. Power Banks charge through a USB port and are ideal as emergency power for mobile phones, camera, MP3 players and other devices. We can even brand these with your logo like a standard USB drive or for real wow factor build into a unique custom shape.

Power Banks

Branded Power Banks are an ideal way to promote festivals and other events offering a practical gift while advertising your business.

Our Power Banks have a capacity of 2600mah. The greater the mah value the more charge the power bank will hold. Be aware many similar Power Banks have a lower capacity and are therefore not as useful.

Powe banks from