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CD / DVD Copy ProtectionDVD Copy Protection

We currently offer copy protection solutions for both replicated and duplicated DVD video. We do not offer copy protection for CD or DVD-ROM (data discs).

If you are looking to secure CD-ROM or DVD-ROM content then we can offer Cryptex discs which encrypt the content and require a password in-order for the content to be viewed. Content cannot be removed from these discs.


Replication Copy Protection

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CSS (Content Scrambling System) Copy Protection is available for replicated DVD Video. CSS prevents the copying of the content from the disc to hard drive or disc to disc copying.

Your content must be supplied with CSS encryption, this is done at the authoring stage.

Limitations of CSS: It’s only fair to say that CSS protection is not full proof. A quick internet search will reveal a number of software packages which will break CSS encryption.

Duplication Copy Protection

CopyLock protection is available on duplicated DVD video. CopyLock prevents disc to disc copying and also ripping of the content to hard drive.

When supplying your master you can do in the normal way or as an ISO file. The content does not need to be encrypted at the authoring stage.

Password protected CD-R and Password protected DVD-R using Cryptex discs from Discus Group LtdWriteable CD-R / DVD-R Cryptex Discs

Cryptex encrypted discs offer an ideal solution for any business or individual who wants an assured way to protect personal or sensitive files on discs.

How it works:

Cryptex CD-R and DVD-R come pre-loaded with a small application. This application encrypts the files when burning them onto the discs and allows you to set a password. The content can only be read from the disc if the correct password is entered. Files that are on the disc do not appear when using windows explorer.

  • Cryptex device auto loads when it is placed in the disc drive
  • Copying software is pre-installed on Cryptex discs
  • Copying Wizard allows you to create encrypted files in 3 easy steps
  • Choose your password and enter when copying the disc
  • Additional files may be appended to an encrypted disc
  • You need to re-enter password to gain access to contents on the disc
  • Verification of encrypted and recorded data
  • No software installation
  • As an optional extra you can securely erase source files from hard drive after backing up to the CD
Cryptex - Encrypted CD-R and DVD-R
Password protceted DVD and Password protected DVD
Encrypted CD-R, Encrypted DVD-R

Cryptex discs are available in:

CD-R – With the software on the disc you have 680mb of available space
DVD-R – With the software on the disc you have 4.695GB of available space.

Disc only – Cryptex loaded on the discs – you can apply your own data and print to each disc.
Printed Discs – Cryptex on pre-printed discs. We pre-print the discs and upload the software to them so that all the discs are printed the same allowing the end user to apply the data.
Unique Printing – Cryptex on the discs with unique print surface which is bespoke to the recipient. Allowing the client to match data to unique printed discs
Unique Data content and Printing – Cryptex and data applied to each disc along with unique printing giving the client the finished product that they can hand to their clients.