CD Recycling / DVD Recycling

Got large quantities of unwanted CD’s or DVD’s?

Want them securely destroyed and recycled?

Discus Group can help.

CD recyclingWe have been actively recycling its CD DVD, paper and card board waste for 10 years now, achieving almost 100% success. Recycling is a growing part of our industry with major environmental and long-term economic benefits being delivered. Recycling reduces the amount of waste deposited in landfill and reduces the amount of energy used in manufacturing new materials, thus helping reduce emissions of greenhouse gasses and therefore helping avert climate change.

Send us your old CD’s and DVD’s and we will regrind them down so the plastic can be reground into polycarbonate beads for reuse in making other plastic goods.

CD’s and DVD’s should be placed in separate bulk bags filled no more than 2/3rds full. Any cases and paper parts should be removed as we cannot accept these.

Call one of our project managers on 0330 333 1090 for more information