CD Recycling / DVD Recycling

DVD RecyclingGot unwanted discs? Want your old CDs or DVD securely destroyed and recycled? Discus Group can help. Call one of our project manager on 0330 333 1090 for more information.

Discus Group has been actively recycling its CD DVD, paper and card board waste for 8 years now, achieving almost 100%. Recycling is a growing part of our industry with major environmental and long-term economic benefits being delivered. Recycling reduces the amount of waste deposited in landfill and reduces the amount of energy used in manufacturing new materials, thus helping reduce emissions of greenhouse gasses and therefore helping avert climate change.

Send us your old CD’s and DVD’s and we will regrind them down so the plastic can be reused in making other plastic goods and recover the metals in the discs.

CD recyclingRecycling services are common for materials such as paper, cardboard, glass, plastic which are easily recyclable. However, more complex products that use more than one material are more difficult to recycle. The music, movie and IT industries produce a lot of waste in the form of CDs and DVDs, but now these can also be recycled as Discus Group offers to receive your optical disc waste to be reground into polycarbonate beads for reuse.

Furthermore Discus Group offers a recycling service for old or surplus discs from clients to be reground for reuse in the manufacturing of new plastic products. For small quantities just send your discs in cartons to Discus Group for environmental disposal, reducing the impact on our planet and conserving precious resources. For large numbers of discs contact us for more details on 0330 333 1090.