Standard Jewel (with black tray) -9mm spine. CD album case

Quick Online CD Jewel Case Pricing

CD Jewel Cases

CD Jewel cases can come with a black or clear tray. They are the standard form of packaging used for Audio CD music albums.

CD Jewel cases allow you to include a booklet in the front of the jewel case and a tray inlay in the rear of the Jewel case.

The rear tray inlay has edges which fold around the side of the case of offer printed spines.

The book in the front of the CD jewel case can range from a 2 page (2pp) book which is a single piece of unfolded paper up to a 32 pages. CD jewel case books are normally stapled or stitched and open like a normal book. We can also produce role fold books where all of the pages are in a row next to each other or poster fold books where the page opens out into a larger piece of paper.


  • Slim Jewel case – thinner than a standard CD Jewel case. The slim Jewel case has a thinner tray which does not have a tray inlay.
  • Double jewel case – has a fold out tray which will hold a CD on either side.
  • Multi way Jewel Box – A thicker case which will hold multiple discs. The Jewel box used a tray inlay in the front and back. A book can be placed inside the case if need be.
Artwork tip: The CD does not sit centrally over the rear inlay due to the hinge down the left hand side of the case. If you want artwork to appear under the Jewel case tray it needs to be offset. You can use the CD Tray inlay inside template to assist you with correct positioning.