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Audio CD Replication


UK Licencing authroity for the use of music on behalf of composers, songwriters and music publishers, check out our quick guide to MCPS at www.discusgroup.co.uk/CD_DVD_copyright_antipiracy.htm

Web MCPS less than 1000 Licences
or MCPS 1000 or more Licences
Telephone 020 7580 5544


ISRC coding is a way of giving music tracks a unique identifying code, check out our quick guide to MCPS at www.discusgroup.co.uk/ISRC_codes.htm

Web http://www.ppluk.com
Telephone 020 7534 1000

Music Publishers AssociationAll Music Guide Online Media Information Database

Allmusic has the largest digital archive of music, including about six million digital songs, as well as the largest cover art library, with more than half a million cover image scans.

The Allmusic database is also used by several generations of Windows Media Player and Musicmatch Jukebox to identify and organize music collections. Windows Media Player 11 and the integrated MTV Urge Music Store. Allmusic is also used to provide catalog data, artist biographies, album reviews, related artist information, playlists and other information in the iTunes Music Store, Zune Marketplace, Zune player, eMusic, AOL, Yahoo!, Amazon.com and other music stores. Allmusic is also at the heart of the Naim Extended Music database

Web http://www.allmusic.com/about/product-submissions
Email : [email protected]

Music Publishers AssociationMusic Publishers Association

looks after the interest of all music publishers based or working in the UK and exists to safeguard and improve the business and legal environment within which its members are operating

Web www.mpaonline.org.uk
Telephone 020 7580 0126

Musicians UnionMusicians Union

The Musicians' Union represents over thirty thousand musicians working in all sectors of the music business

Web www.musiciansunion.org.uk
Telephone 020 7840 5534

British Music RightsMusic Publishers Association

promote awareness and understanding of british music, the value of the music, intellectual property rights, opportunities of the digital age for music

Web www.bmr.org
Telephone 020 7306 4446

BPIBritish Phonographic Industry

The BPI is the British record industry's trade association. Representing the interests of British record companies whose principal aim was to fight the growing problem of music piracy

Web www.bpi.co.uk
Telephone 020 7803 1300

DVD Replication

BBFCBritish Board of Film Classification

British Board of Film Classification, the independent regulator of the film and video industry in the UK which classifies cinema films and videos for public and industry. Check out our useful quick guide to the BBFC at www.discusgroup.co.uk/BBFC_Certificatation_for_DVD.htm

Web www.bbfc.co.uk
Telephone 020 7440 1570

FACTFederation Against Copyright Theft

trade body that is committed to protecting the interests of the audio-visual industry in the fight against pirate film and DVDs and the increasing threat from online piracy.

Web www.fact-uk.org.uk
Telephone 020 8568 6646

BVABritish Video Association

represent the interests of publishers and rights owners of pre-recorded video home entertainment. BVA also reports the Official Video Charts with the top 10 for sales and rental markets

Web www.bva.org.uk
Telephone 020 7436 0041

Video Standards CouncilVideo Standards Council

Oversee the code of practice to promote high standards within the video industry and computer games industry

Web www.videostandards.org.uk

Software & Games CD Replication

ELSPAEntertainment Leisure Software Publishers Association

addressing issues that affect the industry as a whole

Web http://www.elspa.com

Entertainment Retailers AssociationEntertainment Retailers Association

represents retailers who sell entertainment products such as recorded music, DVD'S and games

Web www.bardltd.org
Telephone 01202 292063

Interactive Software Federation of EuropeInteractive Software Federation of Europe

ISFE has been helping the interactive software industry reach its full potential throughout Europe and worldwide by securing effective legislation to protect intellectual property rights, adequate enforcement of such legislation and unrestricted access to markets

Web www.isfe-eu.org
Telephone 0032 2 513 57 77

Technical References for CD & DVD Replication

DVD ForumDVD Forum

The Forum's purpose is to exchange and disseminate ideas and information about the DVD Format and its technical capabilities, improvements and innovations

Web http://www.elspa.com

PhilipsCD Logo Guides

If the CD logo is used it must be the correct logo and used correctly, logo guides and logo downloads

Web http://www.ip.philips.com/licensing/services_and_ordering/logos/index.html


If the DVD logo is used it must be the correct logo and used correctly, logo guides and logo downloads

Web www.dvdfllc.co.jp
Telephone 0081 3 5777 2884

GS1CD DVD Barcode Generation and implementation

Discus Group offer barcodes to all customers who we aremanufacturing product for, GS1 administer the numbering system used. For more information on use, obtaining or including in artwork see www.discusgroup.co.uk/CD_DVD_Barcodes.htm

Web www.gs1uk.org
Telephone 020 7092 3500

Videos of disc manufacturing

Glass MasteringGlass Mastering

Glass mastering is the first stage in the CD DVD Blu-ray disc replication process. The Master disc content is transferred onto a glass substrate in order to manufacture discs by injection moulding. Stampers or dies are used for the injection moulding of discs. This is the first stage of the CD DVD Blu-ray pressing and manufacturing process.

Web http://www.discusgroup.co.uk/cd-dvd-blu-ray-glass-mastering.htm
Telephone 0871 2200 192

Glass Mastering CD DVD Replication

Ever wondered how CD DVD Blu-ray replication is done? This short film will show you how polycarbonate beads are turned into discs, how the silver back is applied and the discs are lacquered. See the stamper in the moulding machine pressing the discs.

Web http://www.discusgroup.co.uk/cd-dvd-blu-ray-replication.htm
Telephone 0871 2200 192

Glass Mastering CD DVD Blu-ray offset litho printing

Let us talk you through how to print a CD DVD or Blu-ray discs. Let us show you how its done from receiving your artwork, playing out films, making printing blankets and screens, printing, curing your CD DVD and Blu-ray discs

Web http://www.discusgroup.co.uk/cd-dvd-blu-ray-offset-litho-printing.htm
Telephone 0871 2200 192

Authoring Book Standards for CD & DVD Replication

Discus GroupRed Book Audio CD

Red Book is the standard for audio CDs, (Compact Disc Digital Audio system, or CDDA).

Web http://www.DiscusGroup.co.uk/red_book_audio_cd_standard.htm
Telephone 0871 2200 199

Discus GroupYellow Book

Yellow Book is the standard for data CD Roms

Web www.DiscusGroup.co.uk/yellow_book_cd_standard.htm
Telephone 0871 2200 199

Discus GroupBlue Book

Blue Book or Enhanced Music CD specification describes the Enhanced Music CD disc format.

Web www.DiscusGroup.co.uk/blue_book_enhanced_cd_standard.htm
Telephone 0871 2200 199

Discus GroupWhite Book

White Book is the standard for data Video CDs

Web www.DiscusGroup.co.uk/white_book_video_cd_standard.htm
Telephone 0871 2200 199

Discus GroupOrange Book

Orange Book is the standard for CD-r and CD-rw

Web www.DiscusGroup.co.uk/orange_book_cdr_standard.htm
Telephone 0871 2200 199
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