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ISRC Coding of Music Tracks
What is an ISRC Code?

ISRC coding is a way of giving music tracks a unique identifying code. An ISRC code can be used as an aid in detecting product piracy, and is useful in facilitating radio air time royalties. The ISRC coding scheme is administered internationally by the IFPI (the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry), and by the PPL (Phonographic Performance Limited) in the UK .

How does the ISRC code work?

In brief the artist or record label applies to the PPL and is given a series of codes. As the the artist or record label you allocate a unique code from the series to each track on any album you release, include a different code for different versions, eg. remixes or edits, of the same track to help monitor which proves to be the most demanded. If you then licenses the same track to different companies in different countries, the ISRC code still remains the same and is always tied to that track. If the track turns up on some strange album without its ISRC code, or with a false code, then it's a good indication that piracy may have taken place.

How are Air play / radio Royalties calculated?

All radio stations nowadays operate automated playout systems where tracks from CDs are automatically cued up and played out on computer controlled equipment. This equipment extracts the ISRC codes from the tracks played in order to produce an automated schedule of royalties payable. Having an ISRC code is an advantage where radio play is likely.

When do I need the ISRC code?

The ISRC code has to be inserted into the subcode data during the mastering process in your recording studio. To avoid project delays we recommend obtaining your ISRC codes in advance of going to the studio, so make sure you get your series from the PPL before doing the mastering!

How do I go about obtaining ISRC Codes - contact PPL or IFPI?

How do I go about obtaining ISRC Code - PPL the UK body can be contacted through its website at http://www.ppluk.com where you can also find more detailed information.

IFPI the International recording body can be contacted through its web site at http://www.ifpi.org

How do I go about obtaining ISRC Codes from CD?

Obtaining ISRC Code from CD - ISRC Codes are embedded in the audio track of a CD as described above. To check any CD's ISRC codes...simply put the CD into computer....double click on CD icon ....pick any track....drop it into an audio cd burning program such as Jam or Wavelab....get info....hey presto...all the tracks' ISRC codes on the CD come up in a nice list

How can I add ISRC Codes to my audio CD?

Discus Group can add ISRC codes to CD for you as prior to our CD manufacturing process. Contact us now for more details of whats involved. Contact Discus Group

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