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CD Barcode on artworkWhere can I get an ISBN or EAN13 barcode from?

Discus Group can assist you with obtaining your own unique CD or DVD barcode. Our design team can incorporate your barcode into your artwork correctly so it is guanrateed to scan correctly and if required also generate the barcode itself for clients whose products we are manufacturing if you anticipate they will be sold via wholesale or retail channels.

Why do I need a barcode?

When a distributor or retailer takes on your product, they enter it into their stock control system. This ties your barcode number to the product details, such as title, artist name, record label, catalogue number and price.

What are Barcodes?

All bar code represent data in a machine readable form. The different widths of bars and spaces in a bar code symbol represent different numbers and letters which can be decoded or “scanned” by a bar code scanner.

How are barcodes administered?

The barcode numbering system is adminstered in the UK by GS1 UK (formerly known as 'e-centre')

ISBN Barcode  I've heard there more than one type of barcode is this correct?

There are many types of barcode structures in use, the most commonly used on media products such as CDs, DVDs and cassettes is the EAN-13 or ISBN in Europe.

Barcodes for North America or Canada use the UCC prefix at point of sale. If you require a North America or Canada prefix you will need to request from us a new 13-digit GTIN prefix.

Will my Barcode work on Amazon?

If you require a barcode for Amazon products please contact us and we will be only too happy to assist where we are manufacturing the product.

More information on barcoding detail?

Why not visit GS1 UK's web site for more details the specific page can be found here http://www.gs1uk.org/barcode/what_are_barcodes.asp

For more Details on our CD Replication service see http://www.discusgroup.co.uk/cd-replication.htm

For more Details on our DVD Replication service see http://www.discusgroup.co.uk/dvd-replication.htm

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