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Before manufacturing copies of any sort of programme on CD, DVD, VHS, Audio cassettes, USB / memory sticks or vinyl, you need to check the copyright issues relating to the material.

How do you check copyright?

In common with all other reputable media manufacturing companies, Discus Group takes copyright protection very seriously. All customers are asked to sign a declaration that they have obtained the appropriate permissions and licenses (IRMA form) that apply to the material to be reproduced. In addition, we will ask you to supply copies of licenses, or to fill in a form detailing what, if any, copyrighted intellectual property is included with the materials supplied to us. You can download a copy of the IRMA form from http://www.discusgroup.co.uk/IPR.htm

Why do you check copyright?

The Content Delivery and Storage Association (as IRMA) established the world's first Anti-Piracy Certification/Compliance Program for the manufacture media. This global initiative establishes stringent manufacturing procedures and systems designed to reduce the risk of publishing pirated or unauthorized material.

Who endorses the Anti Piracy Compliance Program?

Developed in conjunction with an industry task force representing media manufacturers, content owners and their organizations from the film, music, games and software publishing sectors. It is the industry’s singular worldwide anti-piracy program supported and endorsed by the intellectual property community, manufacturers and government enforcement agencies.

Did you know?

No CDSA-APCP Plant, once certified, has been involved in a piracy law case, paid a fine or a settlement fee – a testimonial of the effectiveness of the APCP in preventing piracy and protecting intellectual property. That’s an important guideline for content owners seeking media manufacturers!

More than 100 media manufacturing plants worldwide participate in the APCP and represent 85% of the global recording media manufacturing capacity.

Don't MCPS do this already?

MCPS / PRS LogoNo, MCPS / PRS represent the world's song writers and musicians - that's over 10 million pieces of music - and enable businesses and individuals to access all the music they need for use in their business, product or project in the most effective way for a small fee.

Do I need an MCPS licence if I have recorded a cover in my own style?

Songs not written by the artist or members of the band, will need a license from the MCPS (Mechanical Copyright Protection Society). Do it well in advance of placing your order as we cannot manufacture your product without it.

Doesn't an MCPS licence cost alot?

Not necessarily, you can buy the licences online and MCPS now offer various catergories helping you keep costs down to just a few pounds, depending on a number of factors.

How do I contact MCPS?

MCPS / PRS web site, with contact details on, how to buy online and loads of useful info can be found at http://www.mcps-prs-alliance.co.uk

How will MCPS find out I've made discs?

Discus Group like the majority of CD and DVD manufacturers completes a monthly return to MCPS notifying them of who we have manufactured product for.

Do DVD's and CD Roms need MCPS licences?

If the DVD or CD Rom contains material which is not entirely of your making then you will need to complete the IRMA form and possibly supply MCPS licences for any audio included with them. Take care to check Images, stock footage, designs, drawings, audio content streams.
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