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British Board of Film Classification
What is the BBFC?

The BBFC give the public information that empowers them to make appropriate viewing decisions for themselves and those in their care. They help to protect vulnerable viewers and society from the effects of viewing potentially harmful or unsuitable content while respecting adult freedom of choice.

The BBFC provide media industries with the security and confidence of cost-effective, publicly trusted regulation and help to protect providers of moving image content from inadvertent breaches of UK law.

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Do I need a BBFC Classification Certificate for my DVD?

The British Board of Film Classification certificate and their ratings system (U, PG, 15, etc.) relates to feature films at the cinema or manufactured on DVD for rental or sell-through.

Most of customers, however, produce DVD programmes that fall into one of these categories...

* Niche market sport or hobby sell-through video
* Music video for sell-through or promotion
* Educational, self improvement, lifestyle, or entrepreneurship programme
* Corporate promotional or training programme

As such it's likely that you can, at your own discretion, deem it to be "Exempt from Classification". This can be stated on the packaging along with the "E" symbol.

The BBFC state : "The 'E' symbol on video packaging indicates that the distributor believes the work to be exempt from classification. Under the Video Recordings Act 1984, a video is an exempted work if is designed to inform, educate or instruct; is concerned with sport, religion or music; or is a video game. However, if such a work depicts human sexual activity or gross violence to any significant extent it will need a BBFC classification. The 'E' symbol is not an official symbol and does not have any legal standing. Nor is it a requirement that it should appear on video cassettes, unlike the BBFC classification symbols. Under the Video Recordings Act, the onus is on the distributor to decide whether or not a video work is an exempted work, and distributors have tended to put an 'E' symbol on tapes as guidance to the public. The Board does not examine exempted works and does not decide whether or not a work is exempt."

How do I contact the BBFC?

The BBFC web site with contact details and more detailed information can be found at http://www.bbfc.co.uk
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